Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This morning at dialysis, my cell phone rang. I looked over and saw that the caller was from the Intermountain Transplant center so I answered.

Jake: "Hello?"

Stephanie: "Hi, is this Christopher- oh wait, you go by Jake don't you?"

Jake: "Yeah, either name works."

Stephanie: "OK, well this is Stephanie from the transplant center. How are you doing today?"

Jake: "I'm pretty good, Steph. How are you?"

Stephanie: "I'm doing great. So, the reason I'm calling is because we might have a kidney and a pancreas for you."

Jake: "Really?!"

Stephanie: "Yes, we don't know yet if the organs are good, but we'd like to keep you posted because you are at the top of the recipient list. Can you check into the hospital at noon so we can get you prepped and ready in case they are good?"

Jake: "Yes, I am at the dialysis center right now but I'll be out of here in about 45 minutes."

Stephanie: "OK. Well, I will give you a call when I find out more, OK?"

Jake: "OK. I am excited!"

I disconnected the call and dialed Christiana's work number. She wasn't expecting the news and her voice echoed anxiety and concern. She asked if I needed her to drive me to the hospital. I said it would be a good idea so she agreed to meet me at home around 11:30.

I called my team leader at work and told her the news, then I called my brother. After that, I sent text messages out and updated my Facebook status.

Chris met me at the hospital and threw her arms around me. She was crying. Stephanie met with us and re-explained the situation. We have to wait and see if the organs are good for a transplant. They wanted to admit me to the hospital and have me prepped and ready for surgery if and when the organs were procured and examined.

Right now, I am sitting on the 10th floor of the IMC patient tower. I am dressed in a surgical gown. I've seen a few different doctors who said I was OK to proceed with the transplants. They did some blood work, ran an EKG, took some x-rays, gave me a bottle of bowel evacuant, and told me to sit tight for a few hours until they have a chance to procure the organs.

A really cool woman named Erin went over everything I was to expect during and after surgery. And surprise! They saw some stones in my gall bladder so they're removing that during the same procedure. Rock and roll!

I am really looking forward to this. Is it scary? A little bit, but I know everything will turn out great. The first 2 weeks after surgery are going to suck, but after that... my life will change for the better.


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