Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Post as a Diabetic

Well, it sounds like the surgery is a go. It will happen in a few hours. I have no fear or anxiety for the operation. At this point in my life, after being diabetic for 32 years and having the loss of kidney function for 7 months, I am ready to become the recipient of a new working pancreas and a new working kidney.

This is my last entry into this blog as a diabetic. I will not be able to write for the next few days, but once I feel up to it, I will be back.

I am really excited for this to happen. It's going to be painful at first, but later on... it will almost be like becoming a different, better person.



  1. WONDERFUL!!! Praise God :)

    P/K transplant has made such a huge difference for my husband. My husband felt better immediately after the surgery - he said he felt like a "million bucks". A year later he said "remember when I said I felt like a million bucks? well I feel like a billion now." It's wonderful - I'm happy for you. I should warn your wife... the transplant had other "side-effects" that we weren't expecting ;)

  2. Yes! I am so happy this one worked out~I know I told you I would organie a "Sit In" if this time it didn't work, and I would have, but I am glad i don't have to add protesting to my record! Haha! Love ya man! May your recovery be as awesome as you!

  3. My prayers and wishes are with you. I'm a "long ago" follower of your podcast. Best wishes.