Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Day

They want to keep me in the hospital another day because my white blood cell count is still going up. They're going to run a CT scan this afternoon to make sure my new organs are OK. I could have fluid build-up around the new pancreas, it could be something more serious, or it could be nothing at all. Hopefully, we can figure this out so I can go home.

In spite of having too many white blood cells, I feel amazing! I was walking around the hallways last night and I passed a couple of other patients. They had the tube in their nose, and the other assorted I.V. lines associated with a major transplant. They were walking very slowly and it reminded me of the first couple of days after my own surgery. It's amazing to think how much a person recovers in a short amount of time. But we do recover. We do get better and we make it to the next phase. Because that's how we roll.

Speaking of which, I'm going to walk a few more laps around the halls, look out the windows, and think of how exciting it is that I will be going home any day now.

For this too shall pass.

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