Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dr. Fujita met with me again yesterday morning. He joked and said, "Maybe I will stop checking your blood and just send you home!" We both laughed and I said, "I am ready to go home as soon as you give me the OK." He said they will monitor me again for the next 24 hours. If my white blood cell count gets below 10, they will send me home. As of yesterday morning, it was 15.

Throughout the day, I received a few heavy doses of the tough antibiotics. One of the docs came in to see me and said that if for some reason my white blood cell count doesn't go down, they will probably give me another CT scan to see if anything new shows up, but if it goes down I will probably go home tomorrow.

The surgical team came in later and I was told this was not uncommon with pancreas transplants. Sometimes the new pancreas just has some funk around it that needs to be washed away with antibiotics.They also said I should be going home tomorrow. I'll believe it when it happens...

It's weird, because all of the Aides and Nurses on the floor keep asking me why I am still here. Some co-workers visited me last night and they were even a little shocked to see how good I look and feel. Aside from the white blood cells, I should have gone home last Friday.

My blood was drawn less than an hour ago. My nurse said she will let me know as soon as the numbers are up.

They're up!

And... my white blood cells have only gone down a little bit. 14.6 ... I don't think I'm going home today.

But what do I know? The surgical team came in and told me I am going home this afternoon!! I am so excited!! They are going to put me on some antibiotics to take at home, and they told me to call them if anything changes- pain, fever, chills, etc. You better believe I will. I can't wait to see my dog Moses again. I miss my little buddy so much!!

So, yeah. After 16 days in the hospital, I'm going home a new man.  =)

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