Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Less Tubes

They took out my catheter yesterday! They are still measuring the amount of urine I create, but that's one less tube. And, early today, they took out the drainage tube from my stomach. They also let me take a shower this morning.

It's funny how all of the small things we take for granted take on a bigger meaning when they are removed from our daily routine. I love taking hot showers. I've always loved sitting in a warm bath and reading a book. Not being able to do that for the past week has been very strange so I swear I could have stood in the shower all day today. It felt so good!

When Christiana visited me during her lunch break from work, she took me on a walk down to the first floor. We were headed toward the newborn baby section, just for kicks when we noticed a glass door to the outside of the hospital. It wasn't a main door, just some sort of side door that wasn't very populated. So we went outside. The sun on my skin felt incredible. The smell of the outside, the traffic noise in the distance, the blue sky, standing in the shade of the building. All of these sensations erupted in my brain as though I was beginning to forget what they were like. It was awesome. I can't wait to go back home and be with Chris and hang out with our dog, Moses. I miss his sweet little face and the way he communicates with me. I really miss him.

Jake: "Do you think it's weird that I don't want to see people while I'm here? I never thought I would be like this."

Chris: "I think it makes sense because when you are around people you like to make sure they know you are there to see them. When you're not feeling good, you know you can't be the social entertainer you want to be, so I think it's OK."

Jake: "Yeah, that makes sense... I hope they understand."

Chris: "They do."

Aren't girlfriend's great?

We had a brief scare when the doors wouldn't open from the outside, but luckily a woman was passing by and opened the door for us.

They say I might be out of the hospital this Friday or Saturday. Tomorrow morning, they will take the tube out from my nose and try to start me on liquid foods. As long as I can stay hydrated and keep down nutrients, the healing process will go very fast.

Things are going well.

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  1. Congratulations Jake! My brother had a bone marrow transplant and from the day that we found out he needed it, I became an organ donor, and I have convinced my husband of the importance of it, and i plan on doing the same with my son when he gets older. Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.